Kepez 300-Bed State Hospital, Turkey

TEKSAN, Preference of shopping malls in trigeneration.

Kepez 300-Bed State Hospital, Turkey

Project Requirements

Meeting all energy requirements of this state hospital with 300-bed capacity consisting of main blocks in Antalya Kepez.


We provide 800 kWetrigenerationsystem consisting of 2 gas generators along with 4x1650 kVA synchronized diesel generator sets to meet the energy needed in this facility.

This 300-bed capacity state hospital project comprising of 3 main blocks in Antalya Kepez was constructed as a full-fledged health facility that has 12 operating theatres. The hospital offer service in several categories such as emergency service, polyclinics, operating theatres, intense care and service units, laboratories, diagnosis units and dining hall.

In addition, whole facility along with its auxiliary functions such as conference and meeting rooms and dining hall has been built in European standards.

As TEKSAN, we not only provided initial investment cost advantage for the facility by installing specially manufactured 4 units of synchronized diesel generator sets and a trigeneratipon system with 800 kWe power, which was comprised of 2 gas engines, but also we met the hospital’s heating and cooling needs in parallel with electricity generation without requiring additional fuel. Thus, we not only offer a value added solution that provides an enormous operational saving to this hospital project, but also we became the first Turkish manufacturer that implement a trigeneration system in Turkey.

Each of the 4 synchronously running diesel generator sets in the project has 1650 kVA prime power. The control system ensures the engagement and disengagement of the generator sets according to the hospital’s instant electricity needs, thus, system will produce as much electrical energy as required by the facility.

The trigeneration system, which was installed in the hospital by TEKSAN, has 2 units with 400 kW electrical output power. Thanks to the hot water that could be obtained from gas engines, heating saving will also be achieved due to the fact that heating boilers work less in the winter season.

On the other hand, during summer season, hot water as the output of gas engines will be sent to absorption chiller, which is a part of the trigeneration system. Afterwards, cold water obtained from this absorption chiller, thus, due to the decrease in the operation time of hospital’s cooling groups, a significant saving in cooling can be delivered.

Energy efficiency rates are increased along with the trigeneration systems we installed in cities where the need for cooling is relatively higher due to hot climate, like in Antalya.

Both the diesel generator sets and the trigeneration system, which have been designed and installed by TEKSAN, have an infrastructure of operating synchronously by communicating with each other through the control panels.