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Kale KilitCerkezkoy Factory, Turkey

Project Requirements

Meeting all emergency energy needs of the New Production Area to be built on 100.000 m2 area.


TEKSAN meets the energy need of this project with 7 units of 1650 kVA generator sets.

Kale Kilit, which is the biggest integrated lock manufacturing facility in Europe as of 2016, meets its need for power with TEKSAN products.

Kale kilit is a key player not only in Turkey but also in global lock production. The company regularly exports its products to 70 countries every year. Being the leading lock brand of Turkey for many years, Kale Kilit has the highest brand awareness among consumers. Besides, the fact that the company has been successfully taking place in ISTANBUL CHAMBER OF INDUSTRY (ISO) Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises ranking, has made Kale Kilit the most reliable brand in its field in Turkey.

It is anticipated that Kale Kilit, which strengthened its fast and steady growth trend with investments, will use the latest and modern technologies in this plant. The factory, located in Cerkezkoy Organized Industrial Zone, has been built on a closed area of approximately 100.000 m2.

Kale Kilit will double its production capacity by opening this facility and will be able to manufacture 170 thousand locks and 75.000 cylinders per day thanks to the advanced technology used in production lines.

For the emergency power needed by the latest technologies used in the infrastructure and production lines of this modern plant, Kale Kilit preferred TEKSAN due to our reliable solution partner image which is the very essence of our corporate culture.

TEKSAN produced 7 automatic synchronized generator sets with 1650 kVA standby power along with the other supporting auxiliary equipment for this project. The ring line of the plant is fed by 7x1650 kVA standby power generator sets, which were provided by Teksan, are synchronized at 31,5 kV level.


TEKSAN has played an active role from the very beginning of the project. As a result of the meetings held with TEKSAN project engineering team, the system has been allowed to operate perfectly by providing technical support to Kale Kilit regarding the design and placement of the energy center where generator sets, transformers and cells would be placed.

The design of the energy center has been prepared by considering the air inlet-outlet details that will affect the operation of the products, wiring and piping details of the generator sets and the intervention details in case of the failure of generator sets.

Specific solutions that will minimize the risks of the system have been designed and implemented after the meetings held with fire advisors of Kale Kilit and simulating the possible fire scenarios.

Teksan, which has a solid experience in high voltage projects that have been working on the site for many years, provides significant contribution to the project and has gained the trust of the customer on issues such as the design of the cells, determination of working scenarios and the selection of transformers for synchronization at 31,5 kV energy level.

The reliability of the system has been confirmed with the acceptance tests conducted on the field after the system has commissioned.

2500 lt fuel tanks, fuel level indicators and type test-certified output switch panels have been produced and delivered together with the generator sets.

A secure system, which will avoid all possible errors, was designed and all operating modes have been implemented in a planned manner.

With respect to the layouts prepared, the performance to be shown in the field has been simulated by performing the cooling air flow analysis of the generator rooms with Solidworks Flow Simulation 2014 program.

In this meticulously designed project, the service continuity will be provided by meeting the energy need of the integrated plant by our generator sets when theere is no mains. Along with its experience in special power solutions, corporate governance, manufacturing approach without compromising quality, dynamic and strong structure, and service provided to Kale Kilit, TEKSAN has proven itself as reliable power solutions partner not only in the national but also in the global sense.