Nativeway - A.S.K.I. Ankara Wastewater Treatment Plant Biogas Cogeneration Project, Turkey

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A.S.K.I. Ankara Wastewater Treatment Plant Biogas Cogeneration Project, Turkey

Project Requirements

Making the biogas produced during waste water treatment harmless to the environment, and the provision of the energy required by the plant by burning this gas in gas engines that feed.


With the electric energy obtained from biogas, as a result of biological (anaerobic) treatment of wastewater, the energy that plant needs is provided by 3x1 MW cogeneration system and heating by cogeneration system that can generate 1,1 MW of thermal energy.

Along with the implementation of this project, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of Water and Sewerage Administration’s (ASKI) water treatment facility, which is the largest plant in Turkey and Europe, started to purify the wastewater by means of the biological (anaerobic) treatment in the plants with the deployed system, and makes the wastes harmless to the nature.

Using cogeneration system in treatment plants, ASKI also set an example for the other treatment plants.

TEKSAN has installed the biogas-based cogeneration system, which was specially designed and produced for this plant, includes 3 cogeneration packs that work on biogas and can provide 1 MW electric energy with 1,1 MW thermal energy. Along with this system, the biogas that emerges during the treatment process of wastewater is burned by gas engines and protects the environment by making wastes harmless to the nature.

Almost all of the electricity demand of the treatment facility is being provided by the system we installed.

This project which was completely designed, produced and installed by our engineers, helped us to become one of the leading companies for the fields of cogeneration systems and biogas applications, and to further improve our brand position as being one of the most important biogas cogeneration example that implemented successfully.