Nativeway, A Rebranded Success Story

Integrated engineering solutions provider’s key initiative as part of plans to diversify to global markets whilst winning more local customers

Parallel to the continuing expansion of its operational scope, long-standing integrated engineering solutions provider since 1942, W.Punchibanda & Sons Ltd, re-branding as Nativeway Ltd in 2018.

Explaining the rationale behind Nativeway’s rebranding, the company’s visionary leader, Managing Director Kanchana Dissanayake said: “While we are an organisation with a trusted legacy that extends back over 76 years, as a firm our roots are entwined with many of Sri Lanka’s most successful sectors, where we have consistently provided international quality engineering services and solutions for generations.  

“Our ability to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive and complex markets is a direct result of our willingness to change with the times, to learn and adapt new technologies into our portfolio so as to better serve our diverse array of customers and industry sectors. Our experience is therefore unique in that it is linked to global best practices, but driven by seven decades of local experience. It is this wealth of knowledge and expertise that we wish to take forward across Sri Lanka and the South Asian region as well,” Dissanayake explained.

Respected for its unique position as a third-generation family-run organisation operating in conformity with international standards and best practices, Nativeway is an ISO 9001 certified Company whose team of employees – including a highly experienced senior management team – are among the country’s most academically and professionally qualified individuals possessing an abundance of real-world industry experience in their chosen disciplines, further elevating the service offering of the company.

NativeWay’s new strategy is geared towards further consolidating the company’s dominant leadership position in fields of electrical and mechanical engineering while enabling new business opportunities in a diverse array of sectors – spanning power and energy, apparel, leisure and hospitality and several milestone projects for the public and private sector.

Nativeway’s growing portfolio of respected clientele include several of Sri Lanka’s largest and most prominent banking institutions, United Nations agencies, private sector tourism and hospitality companies and a wide array ofgovernment sector clients – including national utilities, the armed forces, national transport services, and universities among others

The unmatched technical expertise and acumen of Nativeway’s team of employees is further complemented by its extensive product portfolio representing internationally renowned brands such as ABB, Hitachi, Fini, Domus, Konnen, Aolan, Lutian,Perkins, Stamford, Mitsubishi, Teksan, Cooper, Doosan, Scania, Marelli, Domus, Pony, Unisec, Airwell and Fral.

The company’s diverse offerings stand as a further testament to its unbroken legacy of engineering excellence.

In addition to the vast array of products within its core portfolio, the company has also emerged as a respected supplier and contractor to the island’s power and energy, having recently gained EM2 status for power generators from the Construction Industry Development Authority of Sri Lanka (CIDA). Nativeway’s growing range of power products includes Lutian power generators for domestic applications up to 5kVA, Cooper commercial scale generators up to 250kVA and large scale Teksan up to 3500kVA generators for standby and continuous power applications.

In the leisure and hospitality sector, Nativeway commenced operations trading commercial washers and has since expanded to provide large scale laundry projects including design and built commercial laundries. The company now serves as a one-stop-shop solutions provider for washing, drying, dry cleaning, ironing and finishing in the Industrial and commercial laundry process in the leisure and hospital sectors.

Whilst targeting future international projects in SAARC and Asian region, Nativeway maintains a growing presence in Bangladesh as Nativeway (Bangladesh) Ltd. which includes a country office and separate operations with overseas staff capable of providing end-to-end engineering solutions for the apparel sector – including designing, supplying, installation to commissioning ofventilation, floor coating, dehumidification, day light harvesting and storage racking systems.

Nativeway’s extensive ranges of solutions are complemented by a comprehensive array of after-sales and quality management services. Following its rebranding, Nativeway has also been on an aggressive growth push having recently expanded its service structure from its early days of just two personnel into a 50-member dedicated team with their own General Manager to oversee all after sales issues.

The company’s team of employees remains one of Nativeway’s greatest strengths, and Nativeway continues to invest significantly in training programs locally and overseas for field and administrative staff, while a friendly and productive organisational culture committed to corporate social responsibility has resulted in strong staff retention rates.

How Synergy between Teksan™ and NativeWay has brought success to all stakeholders